Most of the time I ended up repeating some flows when interacting with browser. If you’re tired of this, give simflow a try. It’s a CLI tool to define and run your flows with Chrome. Common repeated flows can be something like:

  • Go to internet banking site to download account statement each month.
  • Search image of cat and download them.
  • Test new feature / bug fix in a web project which involves repeated steps (log in, go to blahblahblah, click this, take a screenshot, etc).

With simflow, I define my own flows in JSON config file. Under the hood, it uses puppeteer to drive the browser. But with simflow, you don’t need to code anything. Steps defined in a flow can be as simple as:

  "Goto /search",
  "See searchField",
  "Type in searchField cats",
  "Click searchButton"

Once defined, run it:

simflow -c config.json

To find out more, see its GH project.