Develop with WooCommerce

It is important for developers to be able to easily and quickly test new versions of WooCommerce. The Core Testing Checklist has 30 items in it, and is a manual process. Running through the whole thing is tedious and time consuming, so automating the process would be a big improvement.

End-to-end (e2e) testing tests whether the whole flow of an application is working as expected, and will be an important part in ensuring changes don’t break anything. It automates the manual process of going through all of the different customer-facing and admin-facing pages, performing actions on those pages, and verifying those actions do what is expected.

We have developed an e2e testing suite that should dramatically reduce the time it takes to run through tests before big releases. It works by navigating around a site with ChromeDriver. ChromeDriver simulates a real user by moving the mouse around, clicking on things, and entering input into forms. The results…

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