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How Funk Music Influences My Workout — 18 February 2020

How Funk Music Influences My Workout

I’ve been listening to Scary Pockets while working out and somehow it helps me to stay moving for hours. There’s a journal covered this topic:

Rhythmic drum patterns with a balance of rhythmic predictability and complexity may influence our desire to dance and enjoy the music. Many people find themselves unable to resist moving their bodies to the thumping beat of hip-hop, electronic, or funk music, but may feel less desire to dance when listening to a highly syncopated type of music, like free jazz.

I used to listen to fast heavy metal songs, but, for me, funk gives a different pleasure while working out.

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Command as a Service (cas) — 25 February 2019

Command as a Service (cas)

I just published cas to GitHub. It allows you to execute commands in your server via HTTP.  Commands to execute are defined in YAML config file. The README on GitHub should give you an idea how to use it. Why cas? Well, why not. I need a way for my shell scripts HTTP-exposed so my other projects could utilize them. Most of the time, I started PoC for scraping and parsing with shell scripts.

Simply define and run your flows in browser with simflow — 24 December 2018

Simply define and run your flows in browser with simflow

Most of the time I ended up repeating some flows when interacting with browser. If you’re tired of this, give simflow a try. It’s a CLI tool to define and run your flows with Chrome. Common repeated flows can be something like:

  • Go to internet banking site to download account statement each month.
  • Search image of cat and download them.
  • Test new feature / bug fix in a web project which involves repeated steps (log in, go to blahblahblah, click this, take a screenshot, etc).

With simflow, I define my own flows in JSON config file. Under the hood, it uses puppeteer to drive the browser. But with simflow, you don’t need to code anything. Steps defined in a flow can be as simple as:

  "Goto /search",
  "See searchField",
  "Type in searchField cats",
  "Click searchButton"

Once defined, run it:

simflow -c config.json

To find out more, see its GH project.

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